Agriculture parliamentary select committee in Mumias

Mumias Sugar Company
Mumias Sugar Company

Farmers have been urged by Kakamega County Deputy Commissioner Philip Soi to stop pointing accusing fingers and playing blame games when it comes to the management of Mumias Sugar Company.

“Stop complaining because you people are the ones that led to a change of the leadership, so why do you want them to be changed again? Where is the problem?” he asked, “Every time you elect, choose someone who knows agriculture well, and knows the needs of the people so that farmers don’t suffer,” he added.

However, Soi urged the leadership of the company to be involving farmers when it comes to issues affecting the company.

This comes a day after the parliamentary select committee in charge of agriculture met with farmers and assured them of changes in the company.

The chairman of the committee Hon. Justin Kemei said that the committee will deal with the problems faced by the farmers.

“The report has revealed the problems facing Mumias Sugar have been revealed, therefore we shall make sure the solutions are implemented and if there is a person who is involved in corruption, he or she will be taken to court. I want to assure you that after two or three weeks we shall have come up with a report which we shall take to parliament so that it can be implemented,” said Kemei.

He also met Mumias Sugar leadership to establish how the money that was brought by the national government was used.

“Basically our interest is to know how the company utilized the money given by the national government. We also want to find out whether they have sufficient strategic planning to get the company back to where it was,” reiterated Kemei.

“As the parliament, we are aware that there were certain ills and issues affecting governance that were taking place in Mumias. An investigation was done and we desire to have the report as a committee to scrutinize it,” he said, adding that they intend to utilize their time well to bring the company back to its glory days.