Busia County government donates dairy animals, goats to farmers

Busia County government has donated dairy animals to farmers in the county
Busia County government has donated dairy animals to farmers in the county

Busia County Government has donated 35 dairy animals and 3,000 goats to farmers across the County to enable them to live better lives.

Addressing farmers during the hand-over ceremony at Busia Agricultural Training Centre also attended by Deputy Governor Kizito Wangalwa, County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture and Animal Resources Dr Moses Osia said each Group in the 35 wards received one dairy animal.

He said one member of the group will keep the pregnant animal until it delivers. He will keep the calf and hand over the animal to the next member and the cycle continues.

The project started in 2015 with 35 dairy animals given to selected groups in the 35 wards. The target is to enable Busia to enhance its milk produce, from the current 6.5 litres per cow per day to 10 litres per cow per day.

Dr Osia said Artificial Insemination is available at a reasonable price of not more than Sh1, 000 down from Sh4, 000 per insemination

He said milk and goat meat which were bought by the County Government in partnership with PALWECO have been distributed to groups in Samia and Bunyala.

Deputy Governor Kizito Wangalwa said the era of using hoes to till land is slowly being relegated to the periphery with most farmers now using tractors. He asked farmers to form groups and purchase tractors to improve agriculture.

The DG urged farmers not to fear loans saying there are many loans opportunities in the county including Agricultural Development Fund, Co-operative Enterprise Fund, banks and Agricultural Finance Corporation which was opened in Busia recently.

He said the County government is planning to expand the capacity of co-operatives to increase milk production in the County at least 50 litres per day per farmer.