West Pokot, Elgeyo Marakwet leaders call for more resources along the border

Deputy County Commissioner Eric Wamulevu(Left) and West Pokot Senator John Lonyangapuo in a peace meeting at Kamuligon area
Deputy County Commissioner Eric Wamulevu(Left) and West Pokot Senator John Lonyangapuo in a peace meeting at Kamuligon area

Leaders and residents in West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet counties have called on the national and county governments to avail more resources in volatile areas along the border of the two counties to end insecurity in the area.

More than thirty people have lost their lives since March last year following the escalating insecurity incidents along the border of the two counties.

This comes after 87 goats and sheep were stolen from Elgeyo Marakwet counties and 10 cows stolen from West Pokot County in a retaliatory attack that led many people to migrate from the area during the December holidays.

The leaders said that the area has been experiencing insecurity incidents because of high illiteracy levels and unemployment, leading to a lack of development in the region.

The affected areas are Marakwet East, Central and South Pokot sub counties.

In a peace meeting that brought together more than five hundred residents at Kamuligon area along the border of the two counties, the leaders called on the national and county government to allocate resources along the border to open up the area to spur development in the region.

The leaders said that the area leader and residents have been engaged in peace efforts to recover the stolen animals.

Locals in the area are involved in helping recover stolen livestock and identifying culprits and the process is yielding fruits as 8 cows and 21 goats and sheep have been recovered by elders from the two communities.

The leaders said the recovered animals have been put in one place till they are all recovered and surrendered to the owners.

West Pokot Senator John Lonyangapuo and Former Marakwet East member of parliament John Marimoi said that there is a need to set up schools and improve the infrastructure in the area to help end the cattle rustling menace.

Senator Lonyangapuo urged the locals to continue maintaining peace and report any case of suspicious criminals to the security apparatus as the region of the highlands was the economic hub for the two counties in terms of dairy and other agricultural practices.

He said Constituency Development funds, County funds should be used to initiate development projects in the area.

Lonyangapuo called on leaders from both counties to join hands in promoting peace in the area.

Former Marakwet MP John Morimoi said leaders will make sure they pursue the culprits.

Lonyangapuo said the area leaders and peace actors will continue tracing the stolen livestock.

The security personnel present at the meeting, Mr Hezron Nyaberi (Pokot South Deputy county commissioner) and Erick Wamulevu (Marakwet East Deputy County Commissioner) promised the locals a restoration of peace and that the culprits will be arrested. The two said that they have held several peace meetings among the locals.

Mr. Nyaberi said that area residents have contributed a total of 41,000 shillings as a bond to replace the lost livestock. He said the government has put in measures to end banditry in the region.

Marakwet East Deputy County Commissioner Erick Wamulevu said the government has tried to contain the situation in the area.

Wamulevu cited that school water points have been opened and business resumed hence security officers are manning learners in the area.

The leaders together with the security chiefs resolved to come back after four days to make sure that all stolen livestock are returned to the owners.