Namunyiri Dispensary in Soy Sambu in need of a facelift

Namunyiri Dispensary
Namunyiri Dispensary in Soy Sambu

With the health sector having been devolved, Namunyiri dispensary in Soy Sambu ward of Tongaren constituency is in need of a major facelift which will enable the facility to provide better health services to the residents.

According to the nurse in charge of the facility Phanice Namululu, they don’t have enough equipment needed at the facility to provide better health care services saying a large population in the region fully depends on the facility.

She says the building they are currently using was built during the pre-colonial period hence the roofs are leaking which causes discomfort especially during this rainy season saying they also do not have enough drugs to cater for the needs of patients.

She disclosed that the facility also doesn’t have a water supply and they just depend on a neighbour who sometimes rations the water supply saying it is quite a challenge to have normal operations successfully running.

“We also do not have electricity and hence working here has become an issue and we only have to persevere with the situation and work hard as the dispensary has not received any funds,” she said

The Chairman of Namunyiri Dispensary Wanyama Namunguba concurred with the sentiments saying the facility needs a proper facelift to enable the residents not to travel to far places for services that can be offered nearer.

He thanked Stephen Wafula Wamalwa, an MCA aspirant in the ward, for having donated three rolls of barbed wire to fence the facility so as to provide security.

Mr. Stephen Wafula Wamalwa called upon the County government of Bungoma to consider helping the facility with the needed things saying the health of the people should be prioritized and residents are entitled to proper health care.

He also put the area MCA Gerishom Namasake to task saying he had been claiming that money has been set aside to improve the facility saying he should be able to come out and ensure the facility receives the money before the end of his term.