20-year-old lady gang raped in Lugari

A somber mood engulfed Marula village in Marakusi after a gang raped a 20-year-old lady
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A twenty-year-old lady sustained injuries after she was gang raped by machete welding gang who infiltrated their home in Marula village, Marakusi sub location, Lugari Sub County. Speaking to West Media, the victim narrated how the gang forcefully gained entry into her grandmother’s house, threatened to kill the granny, before they took her to a separate room where they gang raped her in turns for more than two hours.

“They broke the door using a stone and threatened to murder us if we dared to scream for help. Two of them dragged me to a separate room where they covered my face with a piece of cloth as they beat me with ‘rungus’ before raping me in turns,” the lady explained.

She said she had been in the village for two days after visiting her 85-year-old grandmother when the beastly incident occurred and it’s suspected that the gang had targeted the granny before they found the victim in the house forcing them to turn their attention to her.

The gang also attacked her cousin, who had accompanied her to visit their grandmother, and seriously injured him. “When they were through, they took three mobile phones and household essentials of unknown value,” she noted.

After they left the victims raised the alarm, attracting neighbours who came and took them to Mautuma sub-county hospital.

Marakusi sub-location has witnessed a series of similar incidents in the recent past, which have left women and children traumatized after being gang raped. “Insecurity in this area has risen to an alarming rate in the past months. People are being robbed, women and children are being subjected to sexual torture. Police need to find new ways to handle this before the situation gets worse,” said of one of the residents.