Herders in West Pokot to benefit from livestock relief feed

Food distribution has been ongoing in West Pokot county, and now herders are set to benefit from livestock relief feed
Food distribution has been ongoing in West Pokot county, and now herders are set to benefit from livestock relief feed

Herders in West Pokot county have benefited from livestock relief feed to cushion their livestock from the drought that has hit the area from The National Drought Management Authority (NDMA).

The Authority has started disbursing the first batch worth six million in the most drought-hit areas in North Pokot and Central Pokot Sub Counties in West Pokot, with financial support coming from the European Union.

The drought situation in the County has reached an alarming stage with 35% of residents in dire need of food. The program targets two thousand animals that remained behind after the migration.

West Pokot NDMA Response Officer Mr Tim Letoya said the livestock relief stock is meant to help mitigate the drought effects being felt in the county.

“We want to help herders in the area and save their livestock. North Pokot has received 1000 bags of pellets, 189 stacks of hay, 1000 Urea molasses and Pokot Central have received 1000 bags of pellets, 189 hay and 1000 Urea Molasses,” he said.

Speaking after flagging off the first consignment of pellets loaded in 2 trucks, Mr Letoya said the pellets will be distributed in Kacheliba,Konyao , Kiwawa, Kasei and Alale in North Pokot Sub County and Sigor ,Wakor and Marich centres in Central Pokot.

“We shall distribute the livestock pellets to other far flung areas. We hope to get pasture and food supplements of Urea Molasses Minerals Blocks (UMMB),” he said. He said the pellets will go a long way in supporting weak animals.

Letoya cited that the program was part of a response plan of December. “West Pokot and South Pokot sub-counties are not included because we are responding to the December survey,” he said.

He said the County government was also involved with other programs of mitigating hunger in the county. “We shall upscale the distribution of food which is currently undertaken by the county government,” he said.

Letoya said NMDA is also working on other projects aimed at managing the disaster, which include water tracking, repairing of boreholes, mass screening and integrated health plus Agriculture through post harvesting handling and Peace and security. “We shall teach herders how to keep their produce so that they can last longer,” he said.