Drought Management Authority begins water tracking in West Pokot

Gabriel Mbogho, National Drought Management Authority coordinator

The National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) has started a water tracking program in West Pokot County, meant to cushion residents from the drought that has hit the area.

The Authority has put in measures to mitigate the effects of drought in the arid area by supplying water to residents in areas hit hard by drought.

80% of livestock in the County have migrated to Uganda. The water tracking service is being done in worst hit areas like Alale, Masol, Kiwawa, Suam, and Kasei.

Speaking to the press in Kapenguria, West Pokot NDMA Coordinator Mr. Gabriel Mbogho said that the drought situation in the county has reached alarming levels.

“We have two lorries from the Ministry of Water which have started supplying clean water. We are taking water in tanks to institutions like schools and hospitals where residents can easily access it,” he said.

He said that many have died due to the disaster and there is water shortage in the county. “We have put 30 tanks in different places,” he said.

“We started disbursing drought pellets two weeks ago. We have distributed 15 tonnes of drought pellets for 2000 animals and 4000 hay stacks,” he said.

He said they are rehabilitating water pans and bore holes which have dried up in the area. “We have bought spares and we are doing it through the Ministry of Water,” Mbogho said.

He noted that the Authority is also doing health and nutrition program of mass screening in far flung areas. “We have sponsored nurses from the Ministry of Health who are dealing with children below five years and pregnant mothers who are not able to reach health facilities which are far from their home,” Mbogho said.

West Pokot NDMA Response Officer Mr. Tim Letoya said the livestock relief stock feed is meant to help mitigate the drought effects being felt in the County. “We want to help herders in the area,” said Letoya.

Mr. Letoya said the pellets have been distributed in Kacheliba, Konyao, Kiwawa, Kasei and Alale in North Pokot Sub County and Sigor, Wakor, and Marich centers in Central Pokot.