Women leaders in Trans Nzoia keen to see fulfillment of gender rule

Nominated Senator Catherine Mukite addressing press in Kitale
Nominated Senator Catherine Mukite addressing press in Kitale

Women leaders in Trans Nzoia County are now demanding to be included in various posts in the County which are dominated by men. Speaking to the press in Kitale, Nominated Senator in Trans Nzoia County Catherine Mukite urged the County government of Trans Nzoia to consider employing women in several administrative posts which are dominated by men, in order to comply with the 2/3 Gender Rule as per the constitution.

The Nominated Senator Mukite took a swipe at the members of the National Assembly for voting against the bill that had proposed the whole house team be represented as per the gender rule. This meant that the ratio of women representatives was supposed to be more.

“The men were afraid of women representation and its time for women to unite and vote out the gents in the various posts they have dominated,” said Mukite.

She said that the Trans Nzoia deputy governor’s post should be scooped by a lady in order to represent in order to respect the inclusiveness of gender, adding that women should vote for a governor who respects women rights.

Her sentiments were echoed by Trans Nzoia county MP aspirant Dr Susan Wafula who appealed to all women in the County to unite, avoid divisions and support their fellow women who will contest for various posts. She said over the past years, women have condoned rivalries within themselves and suggested its high time this trend is halted.

Trans Nzoia gubernatorial aspirant County Moses Khaoya promised to name a woman as his deputy in the coming general elections. Khaoya challenged women including the Nominated Senator Mukite to research well and pick one lady they feel is capable to the deputy governor.