Kshs 26 million set aside for bursaries in Vihiga Constituency

Vihiga MP Yusuf Chanzu
Vihiga MP Yusuf Chanzu

Over Kshs 26 million has been set aside by the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) in Vihiga constituency for bursaries in this financial year. Area MP Yusuf Chanzu said Kshs 16.4 million is set to be distributed to secondary schools while the remaining Kshs 10.3 million is for tertiary and university students.

“We managed to put Kshs 26.7 million for bursaries to needy and bright students in order to improve education and enrollment in our schools,” said Chanzu.

He said that they had given the education sector much priority in a bid to improve infrastructure in various schools in the area. Chanzu added that the education sector has taken about 33% of the total NG-CDF allocation in this fiscal year at the benefit of the locals.

He said they have also allocated Kshs 5.3 million for the last bus project at Idavaga Secondary school through NG-CDF.

He added that all projects initiated by NG-CDF will be completed before the end of this financial year to give new leaders the chance to plan other projects. “I am going for the governor’s seat which is a bigger one and I don’t want to leave any initiated project by NG-CDF incomplete,” said Chanzu.

Chanzu was speaking during the tour of uncompleted NG-CDF projects at Kidundu secondary school.

The administration and tuition blocks have not been completed at Kidundu secondary school and a further Kshs 5 million was needed. “We had allocated Kshs 8 million for the construction of the block but we have to pump another Kshs 5 million to complete the project,” added Chanzu.