Education PS urges residents to embrace education

Education PS Belio Kipsang has urged leaders to invest heavily in education
Education PS Belio Kipsang has urged leaders to invest heavily in education

Leaders in the North Rift Region have been urged to help in peace building through investing heavily in education to help tackle insecurity.

Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang urged residents in the region to embrace peace among the neighbouring communities, citing that change in the region will only come through education.

Kipsang urged the security apparatus in the region to beef up security in schools in areas hit by insecurity.

“I call upon residents to stay as brothers and sisters,” he said, “I laud the leadership for its efforts in peace building,” he said.

The PS said that the government allocated Kshs 84 million to improve infrastructure, expand and improve the quality of education in 30 schools within the area.

“We have constructed technical institutes in the region for human capacity,” he said.

He said the government was undertaking critical reforms in the sector to improve the quality of education.

“For the last 30 years, there were no reforms in the sector. We realized the impact in last year’s exams,” said Kipsang.

Speaking at Chesta Teachers’ College,he said that the government has set aside Kshs 150 million for bursaries to help retain learners in schools. “We urge school heads not to send children home for lacking school fees because they are faced with many challenges ranging from insecurity and hunger,” he said.