Vihiga MCAs urged to clear their car loans

Members of the Vihiga County Assembly
Members of the Vihiga County Assembly

About Kshs 40 million in car loans is still owed by a section of Vihiga county assembly members. County assembly clerk Ambaka Kilinga said two members have cleared their loans and has urged those who still owe the county to do so by end of May.

“Most members thought that the house would be dissolved in March 2018 but now we all know that it will end in August this year,” said Kilinga.

He said repayment of loans by members had been a challenge because it had not been streamlined in its initial plan. “We have now updated our systems and each member now knows how much they owe the county assembly,” said Kilinga.

He added that members have now been urged to pay through cash, standing orders and payroll deductions to meet the set deadline of loan repayments.

Ambaka said they had set aside Kshs 200 million scheme to cater for car loans to members who had applied for the loans. The clerk was speaking today during a media brief on presentation of reports on corruption risk assessment of policies, procedures and practices on financial management systems at Vihiga county assembly by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

The clerk said the county assembly will prepare a plan for implementation of the recommendations within a month.

The clerk was accompanied by the house speaker Dan Chitwa, EACC South regional manager Abraham Kemboi and a section of county assembly members.