Man tries to bury his son alive for damaging his phone

Residents stand near the grave
Residents stand near the grave

Police in Likuyani are holding in custody a 45 year old man who allegedly tried to bury his 12-year-old son alive at Kona village in Matunda sub location for damaging his mobile phone.
Speaking to West Media, the victim, David Ngereso narrated how his father Wilson Onyambu Musati returned home Thursday evening and assaulted him before ordering him to go and plant a banana sucker in a grave like hole which the father had dug at the edge of their farm.

“My father arrived home at a bout 5:30pm and found me standing near the gate and he pounced on me, slapping me and accusing me of damaging his phone. He then ordered me to go and plant the sucker. But when I placed it in the hole, he came and pushed me and I fell in the hole. He started filling it with soil,” explained the boy who is a standard four pupil
at Kona primary school.

The victim's father wanted to bury him as a way of disciplining him
The victim’s father wanted to bury him as a way of disciplining him

Confirming the incident, area assistant chief Joseph Shikuku said he was informed of the incident by the neighbors who had responded to the boy’s distress call. “I received calls from neighbors informing that there was a man who was burying his son alive at Kona village, I rushed to the scene and found the boy rescued,” said Shikuku.

He said the suspect alleged that his son was so rude and burying him alive was the only discipline that could teach him a lesson. The man was arrested and taken to Matunda police station as police launched an investigation into the incident before arraigning him in court.

According to Shikuku, the man was living with his son after separating from his wife several months ago due to his wild characters. “The wife packed her belongings and returned to her parents with the young children leaving the husband with the elder son,” said the local administrator. Shikuku advised parents to look for amicable ways of disciplining their children instead of using brutality.