West Pokot Governor urges residents to avoid inciteful leaders

West Pokot Governor has urged residents to be elect leaders who aren't inciteful
West Pokot Governor has urged residents to be elect leaders who aren't inciteful

West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin has urged residents not to elect leaders who use propaganda and spread political hatred. Speaking at the County assembly during the fourth state of county address, Kachapin said many leaders who are eying his seat have gone to social media to criticize his administration and yet he had delivered most of his functions.

Kachapin said for the past four years he has been in office, his government has not been implicated by any anti-corruption body. “The county assembly has been passing our budgets on time. And we have been working together with the assembly to ensure prosperity of our county and to see that no officer engages in corruption,” he said.

He urged residents to reelect him for a second time to ensure that the projects he had started are completed.

“I urge residents of this county to re-elect me so that I can complete my projects and install more during my last term in office,” he said.

However, KANU MCAs said that governor’s speech was not realistic since most the projects he said he had completed were not fully operational.

Nominated MCA Josephine Cheprum gave an example in the health sector in the county, where she said most of the dispensaries that were constructed by the county were not operational due to lack of staff. “How can you state that the facilities are helping people and yet they are not operational?” she posed “This is fooling our people.”

Cheprum also pointed out that the education sector had also been affected since the cheques the county government had disbursed to some needy students were rejected.

The MCAs, however, said that they’ve done their oversight role but the implementation team has failed them.

County assembly budget chairman Peter Lokor and Kodich MCA Hussein Lodomo defended the governor saying the members are in various committees in the house and they have never raised any issue.