Organic liquid fertilizer plant set up in Vihiga

Philip Amakhetsi the Assistant Director of Agriculture and Vihiga County Women Representative Dorcas Kedogo during the launch
Philip Amakhetsi the Assistant Director of Agriculture and Vihiga County Women Representative Dorcas Kedogo during the launch

A self-help group has set up an organic liquid fertilizer plant at Kegoye, Vihiga Sub County in a bid to provide local farmers with cheap fertilizers.

Tujiendeleze Community based organization Chairlady Jane Amimo said the initiative was supported by National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF).

While launching the programme, Senior Assistant Director of Agriculture Philip Amakhetsi said the plant will improve food production and preserve the environment. “Organic fertilizer is good for our environment and it’s a pure fertilizer that has many nutrients to increase food production,” he said.

He said the plant which is situated at Kegoye secondary school is a first of its kind in the Western region and will use rabbit’s urine as its raw products to manufacture the fertilizer.

He appealed to the locals to engage in large scale rabbit rearing as a source of income and improve their living conditions. “Rabbit meat is very expensive and 1kg of its meat is 1500 shillings. Please engage in its rearing for maximum benefits from its products,” said Amakhetsi.

The senior director was representing the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Richard Leresian Lesiyampe who was to officially open the plant.

He said the farmers will be given technical skills by Kenya Com Rabbit Consortium Limited (KCRC) to manage the plant. “Let us embrace this project and take it as an alternative form of farming. Our extension officers can also provide skills to the farmers at ward levels,” said Amakhetsi.

He added that agriculture supports Kenyan economy and appealed to Western region leaders to support farmers and engage in agricultural symposiums to bolster food security in the area. “Local leaders shunned away from agriculture meetings for ten years when I was Western Provincial director of Agriculture. They should engage local farmers to improve their agricultural skills,” said Amakhetsi.

He was accompanied by Vihiga County women representative Dorcas Kedogo who said they have supported the group financially and will continue supporting other groups who have made project proposals.

She said they are in the process of expanding the project once NGAAF is disbursed to increase processing capacity from 100-350 litres per day in the next three months.

She said the organic fertilizer if used on crops would reduce lifestyle diseases because it has no chemicals. “The organic fertilizer produces better and quick results in crops,” said Kedogo. The community-based organization boasts of 250 members.