Jubilee, KANU clash over nominations

Jubilee and KANU clash over nominations

West Pokot Deputy Governor Titus Lotee have faulted KANU party for planning to hold its nominations the same day as the Jubilee Party.

Speaking to the Press in Kapenguria, Mr. Lotee  cited that there will be pressure as the two parties are expected to have the exercise in the same venues .

“We shall do nominations in the same schools. This will create problems and confusion between the two parties,”he said.

Mr. Lotee observed that Jubilee was organized and ready for the primaries.

He dismissed allegations by a section of Jubilee aspirants by the name Jubilee B whom he said are allied to Kanu claiming that some Jubilee aspirants by the name Jubilee A have already marked ballot papers and there are fears of a plot to rig the nominations in favor of incumbents .

“Those calling themselves Jubilee B are associated with Kanu and have sensed defeat,”he said.

Lotee urged the Jubilee ‘B’ members to go to court if at all they have evidence terming it malice and propaganda.

“Why are they panicking? .Kachapin will win the nominations,”he said

However responding to the allegations, Kanu West Pokot party Chairman Mr. Augustine Monges Lotodo said that they decided to conduct the nominations after realizing that Jubilee was planning to rig the nominations using Kanu members.

“They will do theirs as we do ours to avert the plots they have put in place.The electoral and boundaries   commission allows nominations to be done between 13th and 26th,”he said.

Mr. Lotodo accused the West Pokot County Government for using  public resources for campaigns.

“They have branded government vehicles and moving with them at night .They are misusing and abusing government resources,”said Lotodo.

He urged the government to again issue a circular for politicians not to use government vehicles and resources for campaigns

The  County KANU chairman said members of parliament from the County were also using  Constituency Development Fund Vehicles to do campaigns .

However Deputy Governor  Mr. Lotee rubbished the claims citing that Jubilee leaders have their personal vehicles which they are using for the campaigns.

“People have taken loans and bought vehicles. We have branded personal vehicles. Government vehicles have log books and no one can use them for campaigns,”he said.

He however said that the Governor and his staff were still in office and they are allowed to use government vehicles during official duties.

“We are still in office and we are entitled to use government resources,”he said.