West Pokot leaders urge government to construct bridges in the County

West Pokot leaders have been urged to maintain peace
West Pokot leaders have been urged to maintain peace

West Pokot leaders have decried the lack of bridges in the area citing that it has affected movement and transportation of people and goods during this time of heavy rainfall that is being experienced in the area.

The leaders said that many rivers and streams have no bridges making it difficult for residents to transport goods and farm products.

West Pokot senator John Lonyanpuo and Former cabinet minister Samuel Poghisio said that rivers have a large volume of water which comes from hills, affecting transportation.

“Many people and cattle die especially during heavy rainfall. We’ve lost many people and cattle in this area while crossing rivers,” Lonyangapuo said.

Speaking at Karenger area, Lonyangapuo observed that the area has many hills and valleys where many rivers originate hence there is a need to have foot bridges.

He urged the government to build bridges to help ease transportation which has been affected by floods because of heavy rains experienced in the area.

Lonyangapuo cited that the situation could be a blow to the County’s economy because it has affected transport and trade in the area.

“The crisis has dealt a blow to business, and transportation of goods,” he said.

He said travellers who are mostly businessmen in the area have found it hard to do business following the flooding.

“Many people get stranded when rivers flood. It is difficult for people and vehicles to move because the road situation is worse,” he said.

They further asked well wishers and donor agencies to come and help the reconstruction of the bridges. “At the moment residents have opted to use motorbikes because it is hard for vehicles to cross the river,” said Lonyangapuo.

He observed that there is a need for the government to built permanent bridges to help the residents.