Bungoma residents urged to shun propaganda ahead of primaries

Mwambu Mabonga has urged Bungoma residents to take part in party primaries
Mwambu Mabonga has urged Bungoma residents to take part in party primaries

Bungoma County residents have been urged to turn out in large numbers to participate in the party primaries that will be held on Tuesday 25th April 2017 and be able to elect leaders who will bring development to the County. This was stated by Mwambu Mabonga who is contesting for the Bumula member of parliament seat on a Ford Kenya ticket. He urged residents not to listen to propaganda that is spread by some leaders to tarnish the names of their competitors who have the residents’ needs at heart, instead, they should look at everyone’s agenda, gauge the leaders, and know who to elect.

“I would like to inform Bumula people that there are politicians who are moving here and there lying that I don’t belong in Bumula. Let me assure you that whoever wants to visit my home in Bumula is free to do so, just come and confirm whether I have a home or not,” said Mwambu.

“Don’t listen to the lies being spread by my opponent in Ford Kenya, but take your time and gauge each leader’s agenda then decide where you can cast your vote,” he reiterated.

However, Mwambu urged his opponents to stop using hatred and inciting language against him but just to do peaceful campaigns for the good of Bumula people.

“As politicians, it could be better for us to sell our agenda to people than use languages that may cause confusion, lack of peace and unity in our people. After all, life will go on in Bumula after the election,” he affirmed.

Mwambu Mabonga with the Bumula Women Group
Mwambu Mabonga with the Bumula Women Group

He revealed his commitment to Bumula people and urged them to consider him as the best Ford Kenya candidate during party primaries and give him a chance to face his opponents from other parties during the August general election and also support him for he has the capability to bring development for Bumula people.

“On Tuesday during party primaries please give me that chance through Ford Kenya party and also gear your support towards me up to the general election for I know that you believe and have confidence in me,” he added.

Different party primaries will be held in Bungoma on Tuesday 25th April 2017 i.e. Jubilee, ANC and Ford Kenya.