Kimilili Jubilee aspirants call for peaceful nominations

Jubilee aspirants Rose Natecho and Joe Khaemba issuing a press statement
Jubilee aspirants Rose Natecho and Joe Khaemba issuing a press statement

Two Jubilee parliamentary aspirants in Kimilili constituency have called upon fellow aspirants eyeing the same ticket to conduct peaceful campaigns ahead of the nominations exercise scheduled for next week and not to indulge in divisive politics.

One of the aspirants, Rose Natecho, has distanced herself from allegations from a fellow aspirant Didmus Wekesa Barasa that she instructed her supporters to attack him in a meeting of aspirants called by the party elections board to iron out some pertinent issues.

She disclosed that in the meeting that was to be held at a Kimilili hotel, Didmus himself disrupted the meeting by abusing her as well as claiming that she was always in the company of the constituency returning officer, terming the allegations as baseless.

“He should carry out his campaigns in a peaceful manner and should also not claim that he is the project of the deputy president, as Kimilili people are intelligent enough to vote for a person they feel will be able to address their problems well,” she said.

However, she called upon her supporters not to be intimidated and stay focused ahead of the nomination exercise that will be carried out next week saying some have sensed defeat and are making up methods of gaining political mileage.

Her sentiments were echoed by Joe Khaemba, who said women should be given an opportunity to vie for any political seat in the country and intimidation tactics in this day and era should not be used by any politician.

He added that people in charge of the election board applied for the jobs and were duly selected therefore they should not be harrassed by aspirants saying if they have done their groundwork well they should not panic on whom should be in charge of the election.

Earlier, Didmus Barasa had been admitted at Kimilili sub-district hospital on claims that he was bitten by goons from his opponents after he disputed the list given to be in charge of the nomination exercise to be carried out next week.

He called upon the security agents to be alert during this season and also urged the Jubilee party to ensure a free and fair nomination exercise is achieved.

Didmus added that if security will not be guaranteed he will form his own squad of boys to provide him security during this campaign period saying security issue should be looked into critically.