Price of Unga drops to Sh 90 per 2KG

The government has announced a drop in Unga prices
The government has announced a drop in Unga prices

The Government through the Ministry of Agriculture has officially announced the reduction of Unga prices. Effective Wednesday, I KG pack of maize flour will retail at Ksh 47, while 2 KG pack will cost Kshs 90. To achieve this, the government will import and sell maize to millers at Ksh 2,300 per 90kg bag down from Kshs 4,600.

Agriculture CS Willy Bett said extensive discussions have been done concerning the whole process of subsidizing prices, “The maize which is coming we negotiate with importers, agree with the price, then subsidize,” said Willy Bett. He said that the government went into discussions with various partners and millers, and he thanked the parties involved in negotiations, saying they prioritized the country’s situation concerning the unga prices and not their business interests.

CS Willy Bett, however, reiterated that it’s not the government that¬†imports maize, “The government hasn’t imported maize, the government opened maize importation to the private sector,” he said, “The first ship arrived and others are on the way.” He also said that the inflow of the imported maize will be sustainable until the domestic stock of maize picks up, citing there¬†will be no shortage.