Governor Akaranga urges residents to give him another term

Vihiga Governor Moses Akaranga has urged Vihiga residents to vote for him to enable him finish the projects his government has initiated
Vihiga Governor Moses Akaranga (centre) has urged Vihiga residents to vote for him so that he can finish the projects his government has initiated

Vihiga governor Moses Akaranga has called on the electorate to vote for him in the general elections to enable him to complete the projects he has initiated in the area.

He said during the past four and half years, his government has improved the lives of the locals by initiating projects that are beneficial to them. “The County government of Vihiga has made several steps in improving health, educational infrastructure and road networks in a bid to advance their wellbeing,” said Akaranga.

He added that his government had improved infrastructure in both Primary and Secondary schools despite falling under the national government. “We were able to improve the infrastructure in various schools and this made our schools perform better in national exams last year,” said Akaranga.

Akaranga was speaking in Mbale town in a bid to woo voters to elect him as their governor for the second time. He said the County administration acknowledged that the institutions were under the national government but went out of their way to uplift some schools.

He said the administration disbursed Kshs 125 million in bursaries to a total of 34,275 needy students in Secondary, College and University to cater for their fees.

He further said the County government contracted 110 vocational instructors and another 70 remained on a top up salary program.

“We have managed to put 766 ECD teachers on salary top up but we will absorb and permanently employ them,” said Akaranga.

He said they had taken the time to employ the ECD teachers on a permanent basis because of the protracted court case KNUT had taken to court that wanted to stop the hiring of ECD teachers by County governments.

“The case has now been concluded and we will hire the ECD teachers on permanent and pensionable terms,” said Akaranga.

Akaranga said they have also put up 29 ECD schools and nine youth polytechnics in a move aimed at improving education sector in the region.