Lady causes a stir in Likuyani as she threatens to suck residents’ blood

The woman and her lover at Kogo police patrol base
The woman and her lover at Kogo police patrol base
Pandemonium broke out at Kogo police patrol base in Likuyani Sub County after a woman who was allegedly wooed by her lover through Facebook went berserk and started behaving in a diabolical manner. It’s alleged that Mr. Kennedy Lungai met the lady through social media
and the two have been in courtship for several months, and have been only communicating through the social media site. where they have only been communicating via Facebook.
Lungai, who is already married, is said to have invited his new lover to Makutano village, Sango sub location on Tuesday this week where they lodged in one of the rooms within Kogo area and the costs were catered for by the lady.
On Wednesday morning, the wife became worried after her husband failed to return home and she informed the parents who launched a manhunt for him. The two lovers were found in the lodging room, with Mr. Lungai claiming he had married a second wife, a move which prompted his parents to call the police from Kogo Patrol base. 

According to the parents, their son was mistreating his first wife and wasn’t taking care of her, “My son doesn’t provide for his wife, he doesn’t have any source of income, he can’t buy anything even just a bar of soap for his wife to wash clothes,” said his mother, “I provide everything for them just to ensure that they live peacefully. Now that he wants to marry a second wife, am not ready to carry another load.”

Her sentiments were echoed by the father Mr. Patrick Wanjala who vowed never to allow his 27-year-old son marry a second wife.

However, the man’s lover laughed off the claims and revealed she was rich enough to take care of the whole family and wipe off any traces of poverty from their lives.

Moreover, as the woman was being taken to the police station she started spluttering abusive words to onlookers and even threatened to suck their blood.

The drama continued at the station where she attacked police officers and dared them to lock her in the cell, insisting that she would use supernatural powers to escape and confront them.

The woman, whose name remained unknown and who is said to hail from Kimilili in Bungoma County, removed her skirt and tried to force herself on her lover’s father.

She then told the two parents to look at their son one last time because she was set to disappear with him to an unknown destination, and they won’t be able to trace him.

On his part, Lungai said he was ready to marry a second wife, and vowed that he won’t let her go, adding that his parents won’t stand in his way.

The officers at Kogo patrol base decided to free the lady, who decided to walk around half naked, leaving residents shocked. Later the two lovers left to unknown place and by the time of going to the press Mr. Lungai had not returned home.