Six legged calf stuns Sirende village residents

Residents were eager to see the calf
Residents were eager to see the calf

Shock has engulfed residents of Sirende ‘A’ village Mwiba sub location, Likuyani Sub County after a cow belonging to one of the villagers delivered a six-legged calf. Stunned residents are streaming to the village, to document the incident firsthand at the home of Mzee Henry

According to Mzee Adede, the cow didn’t have any complications during its pregnancy period and it delivered well without any difficulties but he was shocked to see the multi-deformed calf. Apart from having six legs the calf also has both the male and female
reproductive organs which aren’t functioning.

“This calf cannot urinate, it has got both the male and female organs but they are not functioning,” said Mzee Adede, and he appealed to the veterinary officers to intervene and see whether the anomaly could be corrected.

Adede revealed that this was this was the ninth time the cow was giving birth and he has never witnessed any abnormalities in the previous eight births. “The irony is that despite the deformity, the animal is healthy and goes about normally,” said the mesmerized farmer.

The deformed calf
The deformed calf

While some residents have associated the creature with dark notions, others hinted that it’s a sign of wealth. However, Adede was quick to rule out any attribution of superstitions or satanism to the case, arguing that the cow could’ve delivered twins but the calves lacked space in the womb, thus leading to the deformity.

He, however, revealed that he was ready to keep the calf till it matures if it survives in its current state. Residents led by area assistant chief Mr. Albert Wekesa Simiyu have been left in disbelief.

According to Lugari Sub County livestock production officer Mr. Zacharia Mwaniki the abnormalities are genetical and it is not possible to correct the situation.

He said it would have been easy to carry out an operation if the calf had only one reproductive organ. “With six legs and the non-functioning organs, there’s little we can do to help it and therefore chances of it to survive are minimal,” said Mwaniki.