West Pokot Jubilee leaders rubbish claims the Senator’s life is in danger

West Pokot Senator John Lonyangapuo (centre) had claimed his life is in danger
West Pokot Senator John Lonyangapuo (centre) had claimed his life is in danger

Jubilee leaders from West Pokot County have rubbished Senator John Lonyangapuo’s claim that his life is in danger, terming it as baseless. The leaders led by West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin and Pokot South member of parliament Mr. David Pkossing dismissed the claims citing that Lonyangapuo should report the matter to the police if his life is truly in danger.

Speaking at Ng’otut area during their campaigns, the leaders asked the Senator to not only report the matter but also to give evidence and name those planning to attack him.

They said that Senator Lonyangapuo, who wants to unseat Governor Simon Kachapin, is targeting sympathy votes from residents because he has sensed defeat.

The leaders accused the KANU Senator of spreading propaganda and resorting to issues that are irrelevant.

Governor Kachapin observed that no one intends to harm the Senator because he isn’t a threat to anyone. “Unless it’s him who has bad plans and wants to divert attention,” he said.

The Pokot South legislator Pkossing said Lonyangapuo’s claim isn’t genuine and said the move is politically engineered. “It’s his political life that’s in danger because he has sensed defeat,” said Pkossing.

He urged the National Cohesion and Integration Commission chairman Mr. Francis Ole Kaparo to summon Senator Lonyangapuo because his claims might cause chaos and animosity.  “We have told our Jubilee supporters not to engage with KANU leaders,” he said, “Let him lose honourably, we will ask the President to offer him a chance to lecture in one of the universities.” He added that the residents are peaceful people.

Concerning the elections, they urged opposition coalition NASA to surrender now if they aren’t prepared. The leaders accused NASA of putting obstacles on the path towards the August general elections, thus, putting the country in a panic mood.