NASA leaders highlight main points of Manifesto

NASA principals during the Manifesto launch
NASA principals during the Manifesto launch

The National Super Alliance (NASA) launched their Manifesto, following Jubilee party’s initial step, with various issues to be solved by the Coalition leaders addressed in the laid out plan they have. Corruption, the creation of employment to the youth and setting up an improved infrastructure are some of the main agendas which are addressed in the NASA Coalition Manifesto.

Speaking during the Manifesto launch, NASA’s Presidential candidate Raila Odinga said that the youth will be given priority, “Youths are the major stakeholders of any nation and as such they should be well taken care of because if they aren’t given priority, they can turn out to be the greatest enemies of progress in a country,” he said.

The NASA Principals Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Weatngula reiterated that if Kenyans give them an opportunity to lead the country and enact the agendas in the manifesto, the country will experience a major lift. Improvements will be realized in different sectors including health, education, economy, infrastructure, employment and agriculture. They noted that they’ll champion the construction of a modern electric railway line connecting Mombasa-Nairobi-Naivasha-Kisumu-Eldoret and finally Malaba in Busia.

NASA leader Raila Odinga outlined corruption as the main setback in the development path of any nation, citing that it has tragic and destructive effects. He termed corruption as the main monster in the country, “Corruption is a cancer in our society and its choking development in our country. This is due to lack of a will to enforce the laws and create a proper system in our country’’, he stated.

NASA Presidential candidate Raila Odinga during the Manifesto launch
NASA Presidential candidate Raila Odinga during the Manifesto launch

The NASA team noted that their manifesto was more focused on changing the systems to get results, unlike Jubilee’s manifesto, that set specific targets in most areas.

“The NASA government will work to build stronger nation committed to nurturing and protecting, the well-being of the individuals, the family, communities and the nation in accordance with the Constitution,” stated the principals.

The Coalition has also promised to end strikes that have continued to paralyze learning in schools saying that it will implement a roadmap for harmonious resolutions of such disputes through honest engagements.

NASA leaders outlined that they will delegate infrastructure development to Counties and give conditional grants to facilitate the process.

The NASA Manifesto has addressed issues pertaining the nation encapsulated in three pillars namely; A united nation, A caring nation, An equal opportunity nation, where various agendas like governance, equal opportunities, unity and peace.