Leaders call for investigations into inciteful leaflets in Saboti

Saboti Member of Parliament David Lazaro
Saboti Member of Parliament David Lazaro

Saboti MP David Lazaro has used security organs to investigate the incitive leaflets that were circulating in parts of Kinyoro Ward in Saboti Constituency. The note on the leaflets alienated residents along community lines, claiming some don’t deserve to own any property in Saboti.

MP Lazaro’s sentiments come days after security officers grilled several leaders in Saboti over the issue, with the notable danger being chaos and unrest among the peaceful communities residing in the area.

The first leader to appear before the County security team was Milka Psiwa, a Saboti aspirant on a KANU ticket, and she condemned the incident, saying the leaflets can trigger tribal animosity in the Sub County. She said several leaders have taken advantage to spread rumors and propaganda and urged electoral body IEBC to also take action. She added that she was once intimidated by her closest competitors.

On his part, Saboti Mp aspirant on Jubilee party Jonas Kuko condemned the act calling security apparatus to speed up investigations and apprehend the culprits.

This week leaflets were found dispersed at Milembe, Wesakulila and Chepkuy areas in Kinyoro ward of Saboti Constituency.