Thousands flock Cheparten in West Pokot to confirm resurrection miracle

Mama Rosa (In a blue hat) couldn't withhold her joy
Mama Rosa (In a blue hat) couldn't withhold her joy

Residents of Cheparten in Pokot South Sub County were surprised to witness the resurrection of a woman, Mama Rosa, who had died and was resurrected after Prophet David Owuor’s intervention. Thousands of Christians travelled miles to the village in South Pokot Sub County to witness the shocking incident, to prove if it was real or just a paranoid occurrence.

In a convoy of more than 300 vehicles, Kenyans arrived in the village en masse, as villagers continue to live in stun. Some schools were forced to close as students too rushed to see if the resurrection was true or a hoax.

The man of God didn’t attend the thanksgiving ceremony but he was represented by bishops from the Ministry who confirmed that God, through the prophet, had raised the lady through a three-word text message, “It is well.”

Rosa’s husband Rotirakori Samson testified that he truly believes his wife had died for about two hours and it took the intervention of the prophet for her to come back to life.

Speaking during the thanksgiving ceremony Rotirakori narrated “My wife fell very sick on Wednesday, June 21 and she became very weak and was collapsing. By midnight, her situation had worsened and she was unable to walk and experienced a lot of difficulty breathing.”

He added that when Rosa’s situation worsened he called a senior pastor requesting him to send a prayer to Prophet Owuor and immediately after the phone call Rosa stopped breathing, stretched out her hands and legs, and her heartbeat immediately stopped.

Samson recounted that At 12:51 am, he received a text message from the man of God saying “It is well” and in faith, he told the family members not to mourn. To their shock two hours later, Rosa suddenly begun coughing and sneezing, then asked everyone twice, “Who has brought me back?!”

Dr Zachary Kasepoi, a senior Deputy Director of Medical services in Kenya who is also a presiding Bishop in West Pokot said there is nowhere in the world doctors can bring back to life a dead body but he also believes Prophet Owuor raised mama Rosa from death.

Archbishop John Litunda said Kenyans should expect more miracles to happen through the mightiest prophet as we head to the general elections adding that Rosa was resurrected so she too can be counted as one of the voters in August elections.