Water CS accuses Trans Nzoia governor of tolerating corruption

Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba. FILE PHOTO
Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba. FILE PHOTO

Political temperatures raised a notch higher in Trans Nzoia County after Water and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa accused County Governor Patrick Khaemba of tolerating corruption. CS Wamalwa blamed Governor Khaemba for abetting corruption within the County, saying residents have lacked essential services as a result.

Wamalwa claimed the referral hospital the County administration is constructing has been used as a channel to siphon funds, and the residents haven’t been told how the allotted money has been utilized. He said the construction land was purchased without following the lawful procedures. He said that he is planning to sue Governor Khaemba because of misappropriation of County funds.


In a quick rejoinder, the Trans Nzoia Governor criticized CS Wamalwa, claiming he was spreading propaganda and unconfirmed reports concerning the referral hospital. He said no money has been wasted and the hospital’s construction is 80% complete, adding that the CS is out to malign the good works he has done in the County.

“I call upon the County residents to ignore inflammatory statements being made by Water CS Eugene Wamalwa over the state of the referral hospital,” said Khaemba, “I urge him to halt the statements or I’ll take him to court.” He said the Cabinet Secretary shouldn’t be campaigning for Jubilee.

The Governor said the County Referral Hospital will serve many residents once its construction is complete and urged CS Wamalawa to avoid politicizing the project.