SRC slashes state officials’ salaries, cuts allowances

Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) Chair Sarah Serem has announced a new salary structure for state officers
Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) Chair Sarah Serem has announced a new salary structure for state officers

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has slashed salaries for state officers, with the new structure set to usher in the 2017-2022 cycle. While addressing the press, the Commission Chair Sarah Serem said the President of the Republic of Kenya will earn a reviewed monthly gross remuneration package of Kshs 1,443,750 from the current Kshs 1,650,000. The Deputy President will get Kshs 1,2227,188 down from Kshs 1,402,500.

She said the Commission did extensive research and consultations before coming up with the structure, “The Commission conducted a salary survey in selected countries of comparable GDP levels,” she said, adding that they not only engaged state organs in the country, but also consulted widely with religious organizations, special interest groups and members of the public.

She noted the need to address remuneration imbalances was also highlighted, “The need to reduce disparities in the remuneration levels both vertically and horizontally was taken into consideration,” said Serem.

She outlined some of the key features of the new structure by SRC, including payment of a fixed salary structure guided by the performance of the economy, reduction and abolishment of some allowances.

In other notable slots, the Cabinet Secretaries are set to earn a fixed salary of Kshs 924,000 down from Kshs 1,056,000. The Speakers of the Senate and National Assembly will be drawing a monthly package of Kshs 1,155,000 down from the current Kshs 1,320,000. County Governors will get a gross of Kshs 924,000 from the current Kshs 1,056,000. Deputy Governors will take home Kshs 621,250, down from Kshs 701,441.

The Members of County Assembly will draw a gross of Kshs 144,375, down from the current Kshs 165,000, while the Speaker of the County Assembly and the CECs will earn Kshs 259,875 down from Kshs 350,000. MPs salaries and Senators’ salaries have been slashed from Kshs 710,000 to Kshs 621,250.

The SRC Chair highlighted that some allowances and benefits have been abolished. Some of the benefits at County government are the Governor’s allowance, “Remuneration paid to the Governor takes full responsibility, therefore, there should be no allowance attached to the position,” she said. She said that some allowances have been prone to abuse and will be done away with, notably special responsibility allowance and sitting allowance for plenary sessions in for the assembly.