Jubilee leaders lash out at Judiciary over election cases ruling

Jubilee leaders led by Water CS Eugene Wamalwa (far right) have criticized the court's decision to cancel the ballot papers printing tender
Jubilee leaders led by Water CS Eugene Wamalwa (far right) have criticized the court's decision to cancel the ballot papers printing tender

Jubilee leaders led by Water Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa have lashed out at the Judiciary over the ruling on the printing of ballot papers which they say will after preparations on the coming general elections.

The leaders defended the President and His Deputy over their remarks citing that they were speaking on behalf of Kenyans and accused  the Judiciary of playing politics.

The leaders said they read mischief as the Judiciary is working with the opposition to frustrate the Independent Electoral and boundaries Commission (IEBC) to throw the elections into disarray.

Speaking during the launch of West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin manifesto for his reelection bid in Kapenguria, the Jubilee leaders supported President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto allegations that the Judiciary was making rulings which could help the opposition to scuttle the August general elections.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi urged the Judiciary to accept the criticism directed towards it and not defend itself.

“Kenyans are at liberty to criticize any institution. I was surprised to hear the Law Society condemning what the President said. Recently the NASA Brigade told the Judiciary not to interfere with the decision of the court of appeal and almost wanted to demonstrate,” said Muturi.

Muturi said institutions should be ready and open and allow Kenyans to express their views. “You should be ready to face the consequences of your decisions. Kenyans are ready for elections and everybody should be ready for elections and there should be no roadblocks,” he said.

Water Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa faulted the opposition for launching two manifestos which aren’t citizen-centred.

“We wonder which manifesto is the original and which one is fake. The opposition is rudderless, and lack a plan,” cited Wamalwa.

Pokot South member of parliament Mr. David Pkossing urged Chief Justice David Maraga not to hide behind the independence of the constitution.

“Kenyans are ready for elections on the 8th August. The Judiciary should not be used by the opposition to postpone elections. Politics can’t run the Judiciary,” he said.

West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin said the Judiciary should not go too far and that the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has the mandate to ensure elections are free and fair.

Concerning security, the Jubilee leaders condemned the chairman of the  National Cohesion and Integration Commission chairman Mr Francis Ole Kaparo and the media for ranking West Pokot among the 20 hot spot counties where violence is expected ahead of the elections.

Kapenguria Legislator Samuel Moroto said those claiming that West Pokot was a hot spot were not sincere.

Moroto hit out at those claiming that West Pokot County was a hotspot area for chaos citing that the County was peaceful and no cause for alarm.

The Water CS cited that those preaching the gospel of violence were wrong and inflicting fear among Kenyans.

“The prophets of doom saying that this is a hotspot area are liars. We will not witness chaos again,” he said.

“Ole Kaparo and the media should apologize to Pokots. The media should post an apology in newspapers,” said Kapenguria Member of Parliament Samuel Moroto.

Governor Kachapin who launched his manifesto three days after his rival Prof John Lonyangapuo of KANU cited that his manifesto was based on three pillars, which are wealth creation and employment, business financing and an enabling environment and equity.

He said he has laid the foundation as the first governor and he has implemented devolution by doing 80% of the projects.