The late Nkaissery’s emotional memorial service held in Nairobi

President Uhuru Kenyatta during the late Joseph Nkaissery's memorial service
President Uhuru Kenyatta during the late Joseph Nkaissery's memorial service

The memorial service for the late Joseph Nkaissery was held at Nairobi Baptist Church. Family, friends and leaders attended the service and he was eulogized as a caring leader, father and friend to many. The late Nkaissery’s children acclaimed him as a kind and caring father, who was authoritative and instilled virtues of honesty, integrity and hard work in their lives.

The late Nkaissery’s wife Hellen Nkaissery extolled him as a father who mentored his children to work hard in all spheres of life, having set them an example in the military, politics among other sectors. She said there are no books enough to write about him, saying that he always believed she should get the best.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has eulogized the late Joseph Nkaissery as a man who was strictly disciplined and a person of order, adding that he had a soft spot for those he cared for. President Kenyatta said he is going to miss a friend and a colleague. While addressing listeners during the late Cabinet Secretary’s service at Nairobi Baptist Church, President Kenyatta said they had already planned what they’ll do together after retirement.

“Less than a month ago we were at State House one evening and I said it’s going to be my last election then I’ll go into retirement,” said President Kenyatta, “He said he will retire too and there are plenty of things we’ll do. He said when we retire, there are things we will do together. Am going to miss walking in retirement with General Nkaissery.”

He added that the late General cared for him as a person, not just as a President, saying that the family can count on him, “You can count on me, in and out of government I’ll be there,” he said.