Kamukuywa residents get an opportunity to grill MCA aspirants

NCCK coordinator Mercy Ogwen
NCCK coordinator Mercy Ogwen

It was a rare opportunity for residents of Kamukuywa ward in Kimilili constituency after the National Council Churches of Kenya (NCCK) assembled MCA aspirants on a single platform to have them explain to residents what they will do if elected in the August polls.

NCCK coordinator Mercy Ogwen says the initiative is aimed at helping the residents in different wards have an informed decision in the August polls saying they will have an opportunity to have known what each and every candidate stands for.

She said they have carried out the exercise in different wards and are continuing with it across several wards in the County and the response so far has been positive as several residents have appreciated the opportunity to interrogate the aspirants one on one.

Ms Ogwen also said as a council they are using the opportunity to sensitize the candidates to carry out their campaigns in a peaceful manner saying the country should not again experience incidences of tribal conflicts and violence that arose after the 2007/2008 election.

“We will also be conducting a similar forum for those candidates aspiring for the women representative position in the County which will also give an opportunity to find out their main roles an issue that has for a long time not been understood by many” she added.

She also disclosed that they will be meeting spouses of aspiring governors in the County to discuss on divergent issues facing the County saying the focus so far is on the governor aspirants themselves and their spouses have been on a low profile.

However, she called upon residents of Bungoma County to maintain peace saying they will need each other after the August polls and different political affiliations should not divide them ahead of the August exercise.