Jubilee leaders woo voters in Kitale ahead of August polls

President Uhuru Kenyatta outlined projects done under his administration in Trans Nzoia County
President Uhuru Kenyatta outlined projects done under his administration in Trans Nzoia County

President Uhuru Kenyatta has ordered that land owned by the prisons in Trans Nzoia County should be repossessed by the County government for the expansion of a modern market in the region. Speaking during a Jubilee campaign drive at Kenyatta stadium in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County, the president said he is aware that prisons’ land has hampered the expansion of the market.

President Kenyatta outlined that in a period of four years, he has handed out almost 120,000 title deeds to the County residents, something which other presidents failed to address, adding that his government will continue to provide essential amenities for the County.

Concerning the education sector, he assured residents that by next year all primary and secondary school education will be free and the government will cater for everything in order to do away with the burden parents go through in school fees payment and tuition money. He also pointed out that his government has availed medical equipment worth Kshs 800 million for two hospitals in Endebess and Kitale, as well as offering free medication for expectant mothers.

President Kenyatta castigated opposition leaders for their persistent criticisms, without solutions, saying they had the time to solve issues while they were in government but they failed to deliver. “The opposition leaders have embarked on propaganda campaigns and have nothing to show Kenyans. I want to ask them, what did they do for you while they were in positions of leadership?” he posed.

Deputy President William Ruto said the government has constructed roads, spanning more than 500 Km the County, adding that more road networks will be constructed and a contractor has already been identified for the projects.

DP Ruto criticized the opposition for interfering with the affairs of security officers in the country, saying they’ve been looking for irrelevant topics to cling to and scapegoats which might lead to anarchy in the country. He said NASA leaders should stop spreading false reports about security officers and should instead focus on selling their manifesto to the electorate. He cited the latest attack on the Kenya Defence Forces, whereby NASA leader Raila Odinga said they’ll be involved in the rigging of elections, terming the claims as baseless and uncalled for.

The Deputy President urged the County residents to vote for all the leaders contesting on a Jubilee ticket in the August 8th polls

The head of state and his deputy were accompanied by other leaders including Trans Nzoia County MP Janet Nangabo, Saboti MP aspirant on a Jubilee ticket Jonas Kuko, Endebess MP Dr. Robert Pukose, Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka, Cherangany Parliamentary aspirant Joshua Kutuny, Trans Nzoia County gubernatorial aspirant Maurice Kakai Bisau, Trans Nzoia County Senatorial aspirant Dr. Michael Mbito among other leaders.