Our country is safe – Matiangi

Acting Cabinet secretary, interior and coordination of National Government

Kenyans from all over the country expressed their democratic will through the ballot on Tuesday 8th August 2017.

According to Dr Fred Matiangi ,the acting cabinet secretary, interior and coordination of national government said, this has so far been the most peaceful pre election and election period since independence because of the improved management of electoral process and security of the country.

“Our security agencies remain vigilant, and

Acting Cabinet secretary, interior and coordination of National Government

re still at hand to provide security and maintain law and order all over the country,”Matiangi affirms

He assured Kenyans and all residents that the country is very safe and urges everyone to continue with their daily chores as we await IEBC to complete the exercise.

As tallying of votes continues all over the country, Matiangi commends Kenyans for maintaining peace and the rule of law, and for collaborating with security actors.

“ As the IEBC concludes the tallying process and determines the leaders, I urge all Kenyans to await in calm,” he quipped

He asked Kenyans to reject any incitement from social media that may cause chaos or may lead one to participate in any unlawful criminal activity.

He further encouraging them to report any suspicious activities to the police.

“I also take this opportunity to powerfully warn against the abuse of social media and particularly the circulation of fake news,” he said

He noted that this election has attracted the highest numbers of observers and media ever, in the East African Region. He also added that the government remains ready to facilitate any person or delegation that wishes to access any part of the country in regards to this election.