NASA will move to court, and we have enough evidence, says Raila

NASA leader Raila Odinga has outlined the coalition's next move
NASA leader Raila Odinga has outlined the coalition's next move

NASA leader Raila Odinga has said the opposition outfit will move to court to oppose President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win in the just concluded general election. The ODM leader said they have enough evidence to prove that Jubilee rigged the elections, “NASA wants to show the world what transpired,” he said, “We move to court despite the history under similar circumstances in 2013. The manner in which the court handled that petition was a failure.”

While addressing the press at Okoa Kenya offices in Nairobi, Raila Odinga said the decision to table the petition at the Supreme Court was also influenced by the ongoing treatment of civil society organizations, “We had decided not to go to court, but with the determination to silence all voices that would seek legal redress like Africog and the Human Rights Commission, we have decided to move to court and lay before the world the making of a computer generated leadership,” he said “We will show how the shamelessly cooked results from non-existent polling stations and figures from non-existent Forms 34As and 34Bs.”

He said Kenyans should say not to computer-generated leaders, saying that the results announced weren’t a true reflection of Kenyans’ will, “Once the poll closed last Tuesday, IEBC started streaming provisional results not backed by Form 34As as required by the law. IEBC was illegally releasing unverified results to create an expectation of a Uhuru Kenyatta victory, which would’ve guaranteed violence if Kenyatta was announced as the loser,” said Raila. He added that the fixed margin of votes highlighted the flaws, and rigging was also witnessed in gubernatorial contests countrywide.

He insisted that everyone knows the system was affected, “An algorithm was introduced to rig elections and it happened in clear view of all people and election observers,” he said, “The entire world knows the elections were hacked by foreign agencies. We refuse to sit and watch as Jubilee turns Kenya to a banana republic and playground.”