Kshs 3.5 million to be used in West Pokot Governor-elect’s swearing in ceremony

Governor elect Prof John Lonyangapuo being given his certificate after the just concluded polls    
Governor elect Prof John Lonyangapuo being given his certificate after the just concluded polls    

Kshs 3.5 million has been set aside for the West Pokot County governor-elect’s swearing in ceremony to be held on Monday 21st August. Governor-elect John Lonyangapuo said that the Assumption of Governor’s office committee had budgeted for Kshs. 20 million but after scrutinizing the budget it has been reduced to Kshs 3.5 million citing that the rest of the money could be channeled to settling insecurity problems along the border.

Lonyangapuo will be sworn in at Kishaunet Agricultural Show ground five kilometers from the County offices in Kapenguria. He cited that Governor Josephat Nanok from the neighboring Turkana County will be in attendance among other political leaders.

Speaking to press in Kapenguria, John Lonyangapuo said they had held good discussions and everything was progressing well. The governor-elect indicated his first days in office would focus on fighting out corruption and recover public assets.

He warned county officers that he will not spare corruption cartels and those who have looted public property. He added that he will not condone corruption immediately when he will be sworn in and gave a stern warning to the officers to immediately return all stolen public resources.

Lonyangapuo wondered why some public county offices are behaving like thugs going to the point of vandalizing vehicles and leaving them in a bad condition while stealing office material at night.

He said he has informed the County commissioner and the police commandant to return assets that have been taken by the outgoing governor Simon Kachapin.

He further pointed out that newly elected governors from counties in the North Rift affected by insecurity will meet to deliberate on the security situation in the region.

He said there is need to address security the major stumbling block in the region and expand businesses.

The West Pokot Governor-elect said that they are in the process of delivering a proposal to the national government concerning insecurity menace that has hampered development in the pastoral counties and   they are hopeful cattle rustling menace will be solved so as to attract Investors and tourists.

He said that the Assumption of governor’s office committee have been meeting from 25 July up to 25 August to ensure a smooth transition between the outgoing and incoming governors.