A 56-year-old-man brutally murdered in Lugari

Relatives and neighbours at the deceased's home
Relatives and neighbours at the deceased's home

Grief has gripped Musioma village, Koromait sub location in Lugari Sub County following the brutal murder of a 56-year-old man. According to family members and relatives who spoke to West Media, the late Mr. Region Pepela Lusweti’s disfigured body was found dumped by the roadside in the neighbouring Matubwai village Maturu sub location in Matete.

“My grandfather rang my phone few minutes to 6am eager to know establish the whereabouts of our father,” said Mr. Fred Butia, the only child of the deceased. It was then that Butia went to the father’s house before he informed
the grandfather about his absence.

“It was at the point that my grandfather relayed the bad news,” Butia told West Media. The son rushed to the scene and efforts to rescue the father were fruitless as he succumbed while on a motorcycle which was rushing him to a nearby health facility.

Butia alleged the old man whispered to him the identity of his assailants before he finally passed away. “My father disclosed to me who his two attackers were,” he revealed, adding the alleged murderers are two known brothers from the same

It was alleged the deceased was coming home from a funeral in the neighbouring village when the attackers waylaid and assaulted him at about 1am.

Fred Butia speaking to press
Fred Butia speaking to press

The assailants inflicted serious injuries on his legs, hands, and chest which all had fractures, “With several other knife cuts all over his body,” added Butia.

The locals have condemned the brutal murder and appealed to security agencies to conduct thorough investigations into the incident. “Pepela was a polite peasant farmer who went around his daily activities peacefully,” observed Mr. Erick Wanjala.

Wanjala added the deceased relied on casual jobs on people’s farms and compounds in order to cater for his daily needs. Others who spoke to the press described the deceased as a person who lived humbly.

“He rarely ate meals using modern cutlery, but would instead prefer to be served on banana leaves,” remarked a person who was very close to the deceased.

Koromaiti sub location assistant chief, Mrs Wilkster Muyoka confirmed the incident. “We are yet to establish the motive behind the brutal murder,” said Muyoka. She has appealed to family members, relatives and the community to remain calm as police officers conclude investigations into the murder.