Senator Wetangula urged to support Lusaka’s Speaker bid

Elders forum patron Justus Mukhula
Elders forum patron Justus Mukhula

As the Senators and MPs elect are set to be sworn in and thereafter elect speakers for both houses, Bungoma Senator elect Moses Masika Wetangula has been called upon to support former Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka’s bid to ensure he bags the position.

The patron of elders’ forum Justus Mukhula says Lusaka’s bid has provided a forum for Western leaders to unite in one course and support the former Governor to become the speaker saying political differences should be a thing of the past now.

Mukhula who is a former deputy mayor of the defunct Bungoma municipal council says coming from the same County it will be noble for the Bungoma Senator even to be the one to propose the name of Governor Ken Lusaka saying it’s will be a sign of political maturity and solidarity with one of our own.

He added that for leaders to be nurtured they must be supported saying having lost his bid to recapture the Bungoma County Governorship an opportunity for him to be a leader at the national level has cropped up and it will be well if leaders from his backyard support him first.

“We had leaders like Elijah Mwangale and Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi whom if we had supported them fully they could be at the high ranks of the current leadership of this country, therefore, an opportunity has presented itself and we should not let it pass,” he said.

He added that residents from Western Kenya and especially Bungoma County are anxiously waiting for that moment and if Ken Lusaka will be elected they will be a happy lot that a leader from the County has been given an opportunity to head the powerful house that will be crucial in passing of bills that will be of great impact to the nation.

Elsewhere, party members of Federal Party Of Kenya in Bungoma County are threatening to acquire an injunction to stop the swearing in of Winnie Nyambok who has been proposed to be nominated in the Bungoma County assembly.

Led by Pius Simiyu Ndumba who was a Maeni ward aspirant in the just concluded general election, the party members are crying foul saying the proposed members is not a resident of Bungoma County and previously served as a nominated MCA in Siaya County.

He says the members having been committed to the party are seeking to have fair representation saying there are many members who are capable of filling up the position and are indigenous residents of Bungoma County.