Mixed reactions from West Pokot leaders after Court’s ruling

Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto has urged NASA supporters not to celebrate just yet
Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto has urged NASA supporters not to celebrate just yet

Leaders from West Pokot County have given different opinions after the Supreme Court’s decision to nullify President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win in the concluded August polls. Kapenguria constituency ODM aspirant who lost in the August elections Mr. Richard Ruto Todosia has urged the president to accept the Court’s verdict and wait for the presidential elections in two months.

Speaking in Kapenguria, Todosia exuded confidence that Raila Odinga will emerge victorious after Kenyans go back to the ballot.

He lauded the ruling as a demonstration of the independence of Kenya’s judiciary, “The Supreme Court worked diligently, openly, and thoroughly despite short timelines,” said Todosia.

He added that the Court’s independent review had demonstrated Kenya’s resilient democracy and commitment to the rule of law.

Kacheliba ODM Chairperson Mr. Samuel Loriena cited that the ruling highlighted a new beginning for Kenya.

However, Kapenguria member of parliament Mr. Samuel Moroto urged NASA supporters to cut short their celebrations at the moment and said that President Uhuru Kenyatta will still win with a big margin in the second round.

He said as a result of the ruling, the West Pokot Jubilee team should come up with new campaign strategies to ensure President Kenyatta wins, “There will be no electing members of parliament, MCAs, and other leaders so we shall put all our ideas together to campaign for Uhuru,” said Moroto.

Moroto supported the call for the DCI to probe and prosecute IEBC officers who may have broken the law during the August polls. “The whole electoral body should not be disbanded but those responsible for the electoral malpractices should face full force of the law,” he said.