Raila hits out at Jubilee after IEBC Chair memo highlights malpractices

NASA leader Raila Odinga has condemned Jubilee leaders for harboring plans to rig the August polls
NASA leader Raila Odinga has condemned Jubilee leaders for harboring plans to rig the August polls

NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga has condemned Jubilee leaders after details emerged of what transpired in the electoral body IEBC during the August polls. In a memo from IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati, the chairman has posed tough questions to CEO Ezra Chiloba to explain outlined malpractices and flaws. Some of the failures included KIEMS results transmission from polling stations, failure of satellite phones, using a porous file server to transmit forms 34B among others

“Nearly 10,000 Forms 34A were altered in the servers using the password of the Chairman. Our experts found from the logs given by IEBC themselves, they deciphered and found out that in fact, the people who rigged started entering data on the server on the 7th of August,” said Raila Odinga, citing that Chirchir was the chief agent of President Kenyatta and he was reposting results on IEBC servers himself.

During the press conference in Lavington, Nairobi, Raila said Jubilee are well aware of what transpired, “Jubilee themselves know what happened, it’s criminal. These are not people you want to compete with because they aren’t fair competitors,” he said.

He said they interfered with the rights of Kenyans given that a few people were manipulating the votes, “These happened even in the election of other leaders, including Governors, MPs, and others. We want a NASA versus Jubilee race, not only a Jubilee elections,” he added.

The 12-points memo includes some questions and points that were highlighted by the transmission of votes conundrum.

“Respond and avail an explanation as to why 595 polling stations failed and/or otherwise refused to send any results for the presidential elections,” read one of the points.

“Respond and explain what went wrong with KIEMS results transmission, where over 10,366 out of 40,883 polling stations sent text results without the accompanying Forms 34A. Noting that these polling stations had 4,636,556 voters therein…” read another point.

On the issue of network coverage, IEBC Chairman posed a tough point, “Some of the KIEMS kits were assigned Orange and Airtel as their service providers whereas these two (2) operators did not have coverage in those assigned areas; worse still, Safaricom (a contracted operator) had the required coverage for these areas but were not considered. Respond and explain why mapping out was not undertaken and these issues addressed and/or otherwise mitigated.”