Two children killed in bandit raid along West Pokot, Marakwet border

Tension is high after a man was killed at Turkana, West Pokot County borders
Tension is high after a man was killed along Turkana, West Pokot County borders

Tension remains high along the border of West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet Counties after two children from Maros Primary School were shot dead and one man seriously injured in a morning raid where armed raiders ambushed locals living in the forest at Chesuko village, Mosop location, along the border of Pokot South and East Marakwet Sub Counties.

The incident happened on Friday at 5 am in the morning. The raiders attacked a manyatta and made off with less than ten cows and 50 goats and sheep. The man who was severely injured was shot in the left arm. This comes two days after a man was shot dead at Kaptet village by bandits believed to have come from the neighboring community.

Confirming the incident over the phone, Pokot Central Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Geoffrey Kithinji said that locals from Pokot and Marakwet communities who illegally reside in the forest and possess firearms started attacking each other.

He said tension has increased after the incident and more police troops have been sent to ease the tension.

Mr. Kithinji cited that Kenya Police Reservists (KPR) have been deployed to the forest to pursue the culprits. He said people who live there should be banished from that place because they are there illegally, “We had advised them to tend cattle away from the forest but they forcefully followed their own ways and set up manyattas in the forest,” he said. He revealed that the injured man is recuperating at Cherangany nursing home in Kitale, and they are working to recover the stolen livestock, “We are liaising with security officers from Elgeyo Marakwet County to calm the situation and help recover the stolen livestock,” he said.

Area leaders led by Sigor member of parliament Mr. Peter Lochakapong condemned the incident terming it inhumane. “We need peace to prevail in the area for development to be realized,” he said. He called for peace among residents.