Am ready to work with the County Governor, says Mudeizi

Vihiga County Assembly Speaker Hasna Mudeizi
Vihiga County Assembly Speaker Hasna Mudeizi

The Vihiga County Assembly Speaker Hasna Mudeizi paid Governor Wilber Ottichilo a courtesy call on Friday and they pledged to work together to transform the County. Ottichilo and Mudeizi said both the Executive and Assembly had a critical role in turning around the County and promised to work towards achieving this goal.

The Speaker said that top on her agenda will be to involveĀ Vihiga people in her efforts to build the County through public participation. “My first agenda will be to engage people of Vihiga in whatever development we intend to undertake. Public participation is a requirement in the constitution and I will adhere to that”, she said, “As an Assembly, our cardinal duty is to legislate but without public participation, we will not come up with bills and policies that will be able to drive the county development agenda forward.”
She noted that she wanted to see a new transformed County and this can be achieved by the participation of all. The Governor took the opportunity to congratulate the Speaker on her election as the Assembly’s boss.

He added that he will rely on the Assembly to deliver his agenda and asked her to marshall MCAs to support his development agenda. He called for unity of purpose at the Assembly adding that his government will keep the House busy by presenting bills for approval. “It will not be business as usual. As a government we are ready to keep the Assembly busy by presenting bills for approval and passage,” he added.

Madam Hasna said the County Assembly is ready to work together with the Executive arm for the development of the County. She added that working together with the Executive does not mean they will not discharge Assembly’s duty of over sighting.