First Lady urges Kenyans to take care of the disabled in society

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta (centre) during the function at Kitale AIC
First Lady Margaret Kenyatta (centre) during the function at Kitale AIC

Kenya First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has urged Kenyans to respect the disabled and treat them well, in order to help them achieve their goals and overcome the stigma some of them go through.

Speaking at Kitale AIC church when she launched a project aimed at helping the people who are abled differently, the First Lady said some parents keep their disabled children indoors and this has hampered their access to necessary support.

Health CS Cleopa Mailu, who was also present at the function, echoed the First Lady’s sentiments, saying those who are abled differently should be able to access health services, instead of being locked in houses.

He appealed to the County governments to work in solidarity with the national government to ensure there is proper service delivery in the country. He pointed out that there is no coordination between the County and national governments. He said some County leaders have been misusing funds disbursed from the national government.

The CS, however, lauded some County governments for fighting graft in the health sector by taking action against officials who have propagated corruption in the health sector.

Trans Nzoia County Deputy Governor Stanley Tarus said there will be more cooperation between the Trans Nzoia County government and the national government when it comes to development matters, saying the County administration has had a cordial relationship with the state before.