Ailing Rose Naliaka seeking urgent medical attention

Rose Naliaka Makokha has faced tough times due to her condition
Rose Naliaka Makokha has faced tough times due to her condition

Fifty-year-old Rose Naliaka Makokha from Kamasielo village, Maeni ward in Kimilili constituency is seeking urgent medical attention to help her get treatment for a severe medical condition. Naliaka has a swollen stomach, and this has rendered her helpless as she isn’t in a position to fend for her family.

In an exclusive interview with West Media, Rose, who is also a widow, said she has been ailing for some time and has sought medical attention from several health facilities including Kapsokwony and Kakamega hospitals but due to the financial incapability nothing much has been forthcoming.

She disclosed that her condition has really incapacitated her and she can’t walk on her own and relies on neighbors to carry her in and out of her house as her two children are too young to do that.

She called upon for well wishers to help her access better medical facilities saying she is optimistic that she’ll find treatment.

Her sentiments were echoed by a community health worker Maloba Moses who has been helping her by taking her to hospital for medical check ups, and he called upon well wishers and political leaders’ to come to her aid.