CJ Maraga comes out in defence of the Judiciary

Chief Justice David Maraga has condemned leaders who are attacking the judiciary
Chief Justice David Maraga has condemned leaders who are attacking the judiciary

Chief Justice David Maraga has come out in defence of the judiciary, condemning leaders who are leading accusation towards the Courts and judiciary as a whole. While addressing the press at the Supreme Court, CJ Maranga said the attacks escalated after the Supreme Court ruling on the Presidential Petition.

He said attacks have become more aggressive, “Since the Supreme Court delivered the judgment on the Presidential petition these attacks have become more aggressive and have culminated to uninterrupted demonstrations outside the Supreme Court,” he said, referring to demonstrations led by Jubilee supporters calling for the resignation of Judges Philomena Mwilu and Isaac Lenaola. “Individual judges particularly of the Supreme Court as well as other judicial officers and staff have been threatened and negatively profiled on social media, and even senior political leaders have threatened the judiciary promising to cut it to size,” he quipped.

He said the demonstrations have bordered on violence to the judiciary and individual judges. He said the attacks have increased even after many petitions have been filed, “These attacks are occurring at a time when the judiciary is starting to hear 339 petitions filed in various courts,” he said.

CJ Maraga reiterated that leaders spreading incitement and attacks against the judiciary will be held responsible in case any harm occurs, “If anything happens to individual judges or staff, then those making such inciting statements will be held responsible,” he said.

Moreover, he pointed out that Inspector General Joseph Boinnet has ignored calls to provide security for the judges, “We note with dismay the Inspector General of Police who is expected to provide security to all government facilities has repeatedly ignored calls to act, thus exposing judicial officers, property, and litigants to danger,” said Maraga, adding that the Judiciary is an arm of government that is equal to the executive and legislature.

However, he urged leaders who were unsatisfied with the working of the judiciary to lead the way to ensure changes are made, “If leaders are tired of having a strong and independent judiciary they should call for a referendum and abolish it altogether. Before that happens the judiciary will continue to discharge its mandate and oaths of office,” he said.