Caregivers in Matete warned against misappropriating funds

Mr. Jackson Murunga addressing parents and caregivers in Matete
Mr. Jackson Murunga addressing parents and caregivers in Matete

Stern measures will be taken against caregivers taking care of orphaned children who have misappropriated funds donated by the national government in Matete Sub County. Addressing parents and caregivers Area Advisory Council chairperson Mr. Jackson Murunga said that most caregivers had converted the bi-monthly stipends provided by the government towards improving living standards of orphaned and vulnerable children to personal use money at the expense of orphans who he noted were now going through hard times in the area.

Murunga added that it was disheartening to note that some of the orphans under OV-CT programme were out of schools and leading miserable lives while roaming within villages after being abandoned by those who are supposed to take care of them. He said they were still receiving stipends from the government yet they were not fending for the children.

“Most of the orphans in this area have been chased from their homes by people purporting to be caregivers. Most of them are now loitering around the villages looking for food and shelter,” said Murunga.

The official further noted that most young orphaned girls had resorted to early marriages due to negligence by the caregivers. He appealed to the government through the department of children to carry out an audit assessment in order to ascertain how the OV-CT funds have been spent by caregivers in the district adding that those found to have misused the funds be arrested and taken to court.