Lugari residents to benefit from water project

Lugari sub county water officer Mr. Elijah Omenda when he addressed Chekalini residents at Brown dam

Ministry of Water and Irrigation has launched a project aimed at ensuring residents of Lugari and Chekalini wards in Lugari Sub County get sufficient clean water for irrigation. According to area Sub County water officer Elijah Omenda, the national government has projected to set up dams in the two wards.

Speaking during commissioning of the rehabilitation of Brown dam in Chekalini ward, Omenda said the dam will cost the national government a total of Kshs. 12 million and asked the residents to jealously guard it to ensure they optimize its benefits.

He advised them to ensure the dam offers long-term service, and in the process, to conserve other water sources.

He encouraged residents not to be over-reliant on rain-fed agriculture, pointing out
that the onset of technology in irrigation was a viable venture worth pursuing. Unlike on previous occasions when the dam was not well utilized, the officer appealed to the residents to make proper use of the facility and benefit fully from it.

Some of Chekalini residents during commissioning of rehabilitation of Brown dam
Some of Chekalini residents during commissioning of rehabilitation of Brown dam

“With irrigation, you will be assured of farming throughout the year,” he said, arguing that with a ready market for horticultural products, residents were likely to be left smiling all the way to the bank.

He also called on them to ensure that they consumed clean water in their homes to guard against water-borne diseases. Omenda pledged his department’s commitment to ensuring supply of clean and safe water to the residents saying the dam will benefit over 4000
residents within Musembe sub location.

In order to ensure hygiene, the official disclosed that a toilet and bathroom will be constructed near the dam and they will also put up a place where livestock can drink water.

He said a similar dam had been projected to be sunk at Sirende in Lugari ward to a tune of Kshs. 9 million. Chekalini Member of county assembly Kenneth Indusa who commission the
work thanked the national government for the project which he said will greatly help his people.