ACK Archbishop urges politicians to listen to the church leaders

Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Joseph Ole Sapit (centre) in a past function
Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Joseph Ole Sapit (centre) in a past function

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya Joseph ole Sapit led a meeting in Nairobi which was attended by bishops of Anglican churches from different parts of the country at All Saints Cathedral. Also in attendance was NASA flagbearer, Raila Odinga. The Archbishop said that the meeting was intended to address their concern towards the people of Kenya and also their concern towards the ailing state of Kenya as a country.

He said that the church leaders are acting as mediators between Jubilee, NASA and IEBC. He mentioned that they had pinned their hopes on the meeting which was supposed to bring together Jubilee, NASA and IEBC leaders, and subsequently, it never happened conclusively. Ole Sapit, however, urged political leaders and Kenyans to listen to views fronted by the church at this hour in order to promote peace.

NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga said that they want the fresh polls to be held in accordance with the court’s terms, adding that irregularities witnessed in the August polls must be dealt with. He pointed out that officials who were culpable must vacate their positions at IEBC.  He also said that people found with irregularities should be removed from the electoral commission.

On the issue of changing electoral laws, the NASA presidential candidate said that Jubilee wants to bring about changes that don’t stand for democracy. Raila said that the opposition coalition wants to see a nation that is God fearing, and one that walks in justice and freedom.

The ODM leader also thanked the Anglican Church of Kenya for making a major contribution to the democracy of Kenya. He asked the Anglicans to stand firm to the truth and urged the church leaders to help both political parties to come together in unity, saying there still remains a hope it can be achieved.