West Pokot MPs come out in support of amendment of election laws

Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto is among the MPs from West Pokot who have supported amendments to election laws
Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto is among the MPs from West Pokot who have supported amendments to election laws

Some Members of parliament from West Pokot County have vowed to back the amendments on election laws, saying they wouldn’t back down in their efforts to ensure the amendments are passed.

Speaking during the homecoming celebration of Suam Ward representative Mr. Robert Komole at Kopolio village, the legislators Mark Lomunokol (Kacheliba) Samuel Moroto (Kapenguria), Peter Lochakapong and Lillian Lomi Tom, who is the West Pokot woman representative, said the amendments were meant to address glaring challenges in the electoral laws, some of which were pointed out by the Supreme Court.

The MPs said that they support the reforms which will ensure both manual and electronic systems are used in the repeat poll.

The leaders cited that they will ensure the bill goes through in parliament.

“Our duty is to legislate laws and we shall make sure the bill is passed in parliament. We need to correct some of the flaws that were highlighted during the presidential petition,” said Peter Lochakapong.

Furthermore, they faulted NASA demonstrations citing they will destabilize the country’s economy.

“The country is headed in the wrong direction in terms of economy. If the situation persists the country can be divided and we shall have regrets later,” said Lomunokol.

The leaders called on the NASA principals to call off the demos, “We don’t want incitements which will take us back to the situation in 2007/2008,” said Lomunokol, “NASA leaders should stop propaganda and inciting Kenyans.” They said although the constitution allows Kenyans to demonstrate and picketing, some have taken advantage of the situation and steal from other Kenyans. On his part, Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto said the repeat election will cost the nation a lot of money, and said MPs allied to NASA should support the changes to the election laws, “The laws might haunt them one day if they don’t take part, they should be present in case they also want to make some changes,” he said.