Anti-IEBC demos to continue on Friday and whole of next week, says Orengo

Demonstrators march through the streets of Nairobi during anti-IEBC demos on Wednesday
Demonstrators march through the streets of Nairobi during anti-IEBC demos on Wednesday

Anti-IEBC demos took place in different parts of the country, as NASA supporters¬†insisted¬†reforms must first take place at IEBC before elections happen. In Nairobi, protestors took over the streets, led by various opposition leaders including James Orengo, Babu Owino among others. The leaders insisted that the demos will continue, “These demonstrations will continue on Friday and for the whole of next week until there is a resolution,” said Orengo after the Wednesday demonstrations.

He pointed out that Raila Odinga’s withdrawal from the presidential race doesn’t change anything, contrary to reports, “Let nobody be mistaken that the withdrawal of Raila Odinga’s candidature¬†was supposed to make a difference in terms of election context,” he said, “What we are saying is that we should sit down and make sure the laws applied will ensure we have free and fair repeat polls.”

However, he condemned police retaliation, saying they unjustifiably used teargas to disperse demonstrators, “They even used live bullets, it’s totally uncalled for and it won’t make a difference to us.” His sentiments were echoed by Kisumu Woman Representative Rosa Buyu, who said the police were intimidated by the sheer number of Nairobi demonstrators, “That shows we want reforms before we have any elections,” she affirmed.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, who was also part of the demos, said they will continue with demonstrations until their interests are addressed, “Demonstrations are part of the constitution, I don’t see why the Inspector General should order the police to use tear gas,” he said.