Friday, October 28, 2016

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Parents have called on well wishers to help renovate the school, given its current stae

Parents call for renovation of Chemusar school

Parents of Chemusar primary school students have appealed to well wishers and the government to help them set up permanent structures in their school...
The Chinese government has pledged to support Kenya in the fight against corruption

China Pledges Support to Kenya in Fighting Corruption

The Chinese Government has pledged to support Kenya in its fight against high-level corruption observing that if left unchecked, the vice could lead the...


Bungoma youths urged to repay County govt loans

Youth and women groups that benefitted from Bungoma County government loans have been called upon to repay the fund so as to enable other...


Medical Superitendent Magrima Mayama

Fruits of devolution in the health sector

Despite calls from various political circles to have health as a department and ministry redirected back to the national Government from the County Government...
Health CS Cleopa Mailu has assured that there are solutions for the unrest in the sector

National government to provide free maternity services

In a bid to expand Beyond Zero campaign and free maternal health care, the national government in conjunction with the Ministry Of Health, has...


West Pokot governor Simon Kachapin has urged farmers to move from subsistence farming to commercial

Government ramps up efforts to improve food security

The government has allocated Kshs. 38.9 billion shillings to the agriculture sector in the country to improve food security. This is according to the Principal...

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Tabuti Sudi School suffering from poor infrastracture

Pupils at Tabuti Sudi Primary School, South Bukusu Ward Bumula Sub County, Bungoma County will not be attending their next term classes next year...